The prawn, clam and anchovy fair in Punta Umbría

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Dates of the Prawn, Cuttlefish and Anchovy Fair

History and tradition in Punta Umbria

Enjoy in the Marismillas Restaurant

Total duration

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th April

A Brief History of an Emblematic Celebration

The prawn, clam and anchovy fair in Punta Umbría is an event rooted in the fishing and gastronomic tradition of this charming coastal town in Andalusia. It emerged as a celebration to honour the fruits of the sea that are so abundant in the region. Since its inception decades ago, the fair has evolved into an annual festival that highlights the culinary richness of Punta Umbria and promotes camaraderie between locals and visitors around emblematic dishes such as prawns, clams and anchovies. This fair is not only an opportunity to enjoy delicious seafood delicacies, but also to appreciate the culture, history and hospitality of this beautiful Andalusian coastal town.

Flavours of the sea, unforgettable experiences at Las Marismillas

Do you want to enjoy the fruits of the sea without leaving Camping Playa La Bota?

Discover the flavours of the sea at Restaurante Las Marismillas! As part of the celebration of Punta Umbria’s prawn, clam and anchovy fair, our restaurant offers you an unrivalled culinary experience.

Delight yourself with fresh prawns, exquisitely prepared clams and anchovies full of flavour, highlighting the gastronomic richness of our Andalusian coast.

Not to mention the wonderful seafood rice, our chef’s speciality.

Join us to enjoy the authentic flavours of the sea in a cosy and festive atmosphere!

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