Holy Week in Huelva

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Holy Week rehearsals

In the run-up to the eagerly awaited Holy Week in Huelva, the city’s brotherhoods and sisterhoods begin their preparations with fervent dedication. The rehearsal days become transcendental moments, where devotion, coordination and art intertwine to give life to the solemn processions that will mark the religious fervour of the community. Below is a detailed list of the rehearsal days of each brotherhood, a reflection of the care and dedication of those involved in the construction of this unique experience that captivates locals and visitors alike, adding a special chapter to the legacy of Holy Week in Huelva.

Rehearsals of the cuadrilla of La Borriquita

Looking ahead to Palm Sunday

  • Thursday, 8 February
  • Thursday, 22 February
  • Thursday, 7 March
  • Mudá: Sunday, 10 March at the brotherhood’s storehouse
Rehearsals of the Brotherhood of Forgiveness

Looking ahead to Easter Monday

  • Monday, 5 February
  • Monday, 19 February
  • Monday, 26th February
  • Solidarity Rehearsal and Mudá: Saturday, 9 March
Hermandad de la Salud Essays

The cuadrilla of the Señor de la Sentencia will make 3 rehearsals at 16.00

  • Saturday, 10th February
  • Saturday, 17th February
  • Saturday, 9th March
Student Brotherhood rehearsals

The brotherhood of Holy Tuesday will hold the “igualá” of the cuadrilla of the Santísimo Cristo de la Sangre on Monday, 5 February in its brotherhood house. The rehearsals are planned:

  • Monday, 12 February
  • Monday, 4th March
  • Mudá: Tuesday, 19th March
  • Ascent to the paso: Thursday, 21 March
Hermandad de la Victoria rehearsals
  • Friday, 9 February at 9 p.m.
  • Friday, 16 February at 9 p.m.
  • Saturday, 24 February at 4 p.m.
  • Friday, 8 March at 9 p.m.
  • Mudá: Sunday, 10 March at 9 p.m.
Hermandad de la Misericordia Essays

They will take place at 9.30 p.m. in the house of the brotherhood.

  • Friday, 23rd February
  • Friday, 1st March
  • Friday, 8th March. Rehearsal and mudá.
Rehearsals Hermandad de la Buena Muerte

The igualá of the paso de Cristo was on the 26th of January and the cuadrilla of the paso de Nuestra Madre de la Consolación y Correa en sus Dolores on the 31st of January. Both in San Andrés street, nº 26 at 21.00 hours. All rehearsals will take place at that time on the following days:

  • Friday, 23 February
  • Friday, 8th March
  • Mudá: Monday, 18 March
Holy Burial Brotherhood rehearsals

It held its igualá on 26 January at the Soledad hermitage.

Hermandad de la Soledad - Silencio rehearsals
  • Igualá and rehearsal: Tuesday, 5 March at 9 p.m.
  • Mudá: Monday, 18 March (time to be confirmed)
Brotherhood of the Risen Christ
  • Wednesday, 14 February
  • Thursday, 14th March
  • Monday, 18 March
  • Disarm: Sunday, 7 April

Huelva Holy Week Itinerary in pdf format

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