Seville April Fairs

Table of Contents

Date of the Seville Fair

History and tradition of the Seville Fair

Seville’s April Fair: Tradition and Colour in Andalusian Culture

Pescaíto Day 2024

Saturday 13 April

Total duration

Sunday 14th April to Saturday 20th April

Local Holiday

Wednesday 17th April

A Brief History of an Emblematic Celebration

The Seville April Fair is one of the most emblematic and colourful events of Andalusian culture, dating back to the mid-19th century. It began as a livestock fair around the Real Maestranza de Caballería, but over time, it evolved into a festive celebration of Andalusian identity. For a week, the fair transforms the fairgrounds into a world of casetas decorated with lanterns, where music, dance, gastronomy and the company of friends and family are enjoyed. The essence of the Feria de Abril lies in its welcoming and cheerful atmosphere, which reflects the hospitality and festive spirit of the Andalusian people.

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