Immerse yourself in Tradition: experience Holy Week in Huelva with Camping La Bota.

The Holy Week in Huelva promises to be an unforgettable experience, and what better way to enjoy it than staying at the charming Camping La Bota. Strategically located just 11 km from Huelva, 5 km from Punta Umbria and 2 km from El Portil, this campsite offers a unique opportunity to combine the cultural richness of the celebration with the serenity of nature.

Why choose Camping La Bota

during Holy Week in Huelva?


Privileged Location

With an ideal proximity to Huelva, Punta Umbria and El Portil, Camping La Bota gives you easy access to the most important events of Holy Week.

Exceptional natural environment:

Surrounded by nature, the campsite creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. After experiencing the intensity of the processions, returning to this environment is like entering a haven of peace.

Facilities and Conveniences:

Camping La Bota has modern facilities and services to ensure your comfort. From camping areas to more comfortable accommodation options, for couples, families, or groups of friends, you will find the option that suits your preferences.

Community Atmosphere:

The layout of the campsite encourages interaction between visitors, allowing you to share experiences and emotions related to Holy Week in a communal atmosphere.

Flexibility and Accessibility:

The strategic location of the campsite facilitates mobility to the Holy Week events. It also offers a flexible and affordable alternative for those who wish to experience the celebration in a more authentic way.

prices holy week of huelva

Mobilhome visto en perspectiva. Casitas prefabricadas espaciosas en amplias parcelas


2 persons – 75€

3 persons – 85€

4 persons – 95€

5 persons – 105€

Perspectiva de Caravana Clásica con porche delantero y toldos

Classic Caravans

2 -4 persons – 80€

Estudio estilo loft con porche delantero


2 – 3 persons 75€

Refugios del Camping La Bota


2 – 3 Persons 55€


2 persons – 75€

3 persons – 85€

4 persons – 95€


Vista de varios Refugios Premium

Premium Shelters

5 persons – 90€

6 persons – 108€

7 persons – 126€

8 persons – 144€

glamping area

Exclusive zone

Tienda Safari de la zona Glamping visto desde fuera


2 persons – 85€

3 persons – 95€

4 persons – 105€

5 persons – 115€



4 persons

San Francisco


4 persons



3 persons

Tienda Safari de la zona Glamping visto desde fuera



2 persons



2 persons

Staying at Camping La Bota is not just a choice of accommodation, it is an experience that adds a unique dimension to your Holy Week experience in Huelva.

Get ready to immerse yourself in spirituality, tradition and nature, creating indelible memories in this special corner of Andalusia.

Make your Semana Santa a complete experience at Camping La Bota!

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