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Summer Activities in Camping Summer Activities in Camping Playa La Bota: Collaboration with Divertí Animaciones
Bailes en la zona de la piscina del Camping Playa La Bota

25 / 05 / 24

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We are excited to announce that this summer, at Camping Playa La Bota, we will once again have the collaboration of Divertí Animaciones to offer a season full of fun and entertainment. After several years of not standing out in this area, we believe that this collaboration will be a novelty that will delight our guests, especially the younger ones.

A Summer Full of Fun

Divertí Animaciones is a company renowned for its creativity and professionalism in the organisation of recreational activities for children. This summer, their expert entertainers will be with us throughout the season to ensure that our little guests enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Activities for the Little Ones

Divertí Animaciones’ activities are designed to entertain and educate children in a fun and safe way. Among the many activities we will be offering, we highlight:

  • Interactive Games: A variety of outdoor games that encourage teamwork and creativity.
  • Make-up Artistic: Make-up sessions where children can transform themselves into their favourite characters.
  • Crafts: Creative workshops where children can express their imagination and take home their own creations.
  • Story Readings: Fascinating stories told by our animators to encourage a love of reading.
Divertí in Camping Playa la Bota with Creative Make-up
Summer games in the swimming pool area of the Playa la Bota campsite

Timetables and Availability

The activities will take place in the afternoons so that children can participate without interfering with family or rest time.

We will inform you daily at the campsite about what the Divertí colleagues have prepared.

Added Value for Families

This collaboration with Divertí Animaciones will not only enrich the children’s stay, but will also offer parents the opportunity to relax and enjoy their free time, knowing that their children are in safe hands and enjoying safe and entertaining activities.

An Unforgettable Summer

At Camping Playa La Bota, we strive to offer memorable experiences to all our guests. We believe that the activities of Divertí Animaciones will be a great success and one more reason for families to choose us as their holiday destination this summer.

Ready for Fun?

This is not all. Stay tuned to our news because we still have more surprises in store for this summer.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a holiday full of joy and entertainment. Come to Camping Playa La Bota and experience a different summer season, where fun and relaxation go hand in hand.

We are waiting for you!

With love,


Receptionist of Camping Playa La Bota

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