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Thanks to our valued customers of the Playa La Bota campsite
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17 / 05 / 24

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Hello everyone,

I am Susana, receptionist at Camping Playa La Bota. I want to take a moment to personally thank each of our wonderful guests and thank you for the positive reviews you have left on Google. Your kind words and constructive criticism are a great source of motivation for our entire team. They inspire us to keep improving and to provide the best possible experiences.

Positive Assessment of Our Facilities

I am thrilled to see how much you enjoy our facilities. Customers like Aranzazu, who has been holidaying with us since she was 9 years old, find our campsite always clean and welcoming. Your loyalty over the years is a real honour and drives us to maintain our high quality standards.

Thank you Aranzazu for being part of the campsite for so long.

First Hand Experiences

Alex Rouchi, who visited us in May 2023, remarked on how spacious and clean he found the campsite, as well as appreciating our ‘mini market’ and sanitary facilities. These comments confirm that we are on the right track to provide a comfortable and convenient environment for all.

Laundry inside from the entrance, two dryers and two washing machines.

Outstanding Facilities and Amenities

Your feedback about our facilities, such as the always clean sanitary areas and the proximity to the beach, motivates us to maintain and improve these services. The feedback on our additional services, such as the restaurant, supermarket and nearby activities, is proof that our efforts to offer a holistic experience are being appreciated.

Continuous Improvement Based on Suggestions

While we receive many positive reviews, we also greatly value constructive criticism. Comments on areas in need of improvement, such as the availability of WiFi on the pitches and the state of the roads, are taken very seriously. These suggestions help us to identify opportunities for improvement and to implement changes that benefit everyone.

Appreciation for Our Staff

The friendliness and professionalism of our team are frequently praised. Many of you have mentioned our positive interactions. For example, one of our guests shared his experience after a car accident and how we helped him at reception to settle it with the insurance company.

This kind of feedback is very rewarding and shows us that our commitment to customer service makes a difference.

These experiences reinforce our commitment to provide support and assistance in all circumstances.

Laundry inside from the entrance, two dryers and two washing machines.

Commitment to Excellence

Every review, whether positive or critical, is an opportunity to learn and grow. We are committed to listening to you and using your feedback to further improve our services. We thank all our guests for their honesty and continued support.

That is why we have implemented a feedback form on our contact page to make it easier for you to share your experiences and suggestions with us. Your opinions are essential to us, and this form will help us to continue improving and offering a quality service.

Invitation to Future Visits

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you who have shared your experiences with us. Words that inspire us to continue working to offer a campsite of excellence. I invite you all to come back and continue creating unforgettable memories at Camping Playa La Bota.

Susana. Receptionist of Camping Playa La Bota

Thank you for being part of our family and for allowing us to be part of your memories!

With love,


Receptionist of Camping Playa La Bota

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